Cookie Policy

Why we use cookies on our website

What are cookies?
Cookies are little bits of data stored with your web browser. This data is saved when browsing certain websites. They are called cookies due to the idea that they leave crumbs behind. The data can contain identifiers or application data to help the website perform or to carry out certain actions within the website.
How does this website use cookies?

Cookies within this website are only used to track for performance and to help identify any issues which arise during any user experience of the website. No personal information is ever stored within a cookie or allow other websites to read our cookies.

This website uses cookies for analytical purposes to help solve user issues. It uses Microsoft Azure technology Azure Application Insights.

Do I have to use cookies to use this website?

No. If your browser allows you to disable storing cookies then you can disable the use of cookies on this website. It will not affect your use or experience within the website.